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Worksheets for Informal Geometry

Our worksheets can be obtained in Postscript (PS) or Portable Document File (PDF).

Geometer's Sketchpad

One of the best introductions to GSP I know of is the one by Mike Riedy. All the labs below are just sligthly altered versions of his. You should take a look at the original.

an Intro to Geometer's Sketchpad (PS) (PDF) (A version I use in a Math. Ed. course)

Another Intro to GSP (PS) (PDF) (This version was used in a fresmen seminar)

Creating Tessellations using translations, rotations and reflections (PS) (PDF)


An introduction to tessellations (PS) (PDF)

More on tesselations (PS) (PDF)

Tessellation Techniques for some special cases. (PS) (PDF) Using the "Totally Tessellated" website explore some methods for creating tessellations.

Pentominos (PS) (PDF)

Polynominos (PS) (PDF) A more generalized worksheet exploring triominoes, tetrominoes and pentominoes.

Tetrominoes en Polynominoes (PS) (PDF) Explore tetrominoes and polynominoes. Create tessellations using some of these shapes

Regular and semi-regular tessellations (PDF) Explore regular tessellations (there are 3) and semi-regular tessellations (there are 8). (Refers to pages in O'Daffer and Clemens.)
I also have a slightly shorter version (PS) (PDF) (less detail, more of an intro to regular and semiregular tessellations. I combined this lab with a lecture in which I proved that there are only three regular tessellations.)

Tesselating a hexagon (PS) (PDF) How many ways can we tessellate a hexagon? You should use pattern blocks for this exercise.

Polygons and Symmetry (PS) (PDF) Explore the website "Totally tessellated and learn about polygons and symmetry.

Regular Polygons and Tessellations (PS) (PDF) Explore the website "Totally tessellated and learn about regular polygons and tessellations.

Other Topics

Diagonals (PS) (PDF)

Triangles (PS) (PDF)

Triangles and Quadrilaterals (PS) (PDF)
given certain triangles, what type of quadrilaterals can we form with them.

Area (PS) (PDF)

Finding the center of a circle (a GSP exercise) (PS) (PDF)

Counting Squares (PS) (PDF) How many squares toatl can you find in a square, divided in nxn squares

Pricing a patio (PS) (PDF)

One of our faculty has compiled a useful list of links which can be viewed here

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