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Abstract Algebra with GAP

A PREP Workshop


Descriptions of the Software


GAP (Groups, Algorithms and Programming) is a free system for computational discrete algebra.  It is the software of primary interest in this workshop.

Links for GAP

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

AIM will be used to communicate with participants and for participants to communicate with the workshop leaders.

Links for AIM


VNC will be used to share our computer screen with remote users.  Participants will be able to see the GAP input and output as it occurs on the workshop leaders' computer. Instructions for connecting to the VNC server will be provided to participants via email and/or AIM.

Links for VNC clients

Streaming Video and Audio

Streaming Video and Audio will be provided via Quicktime Streaming of an MPEG-4 video stream. This will allow participants to hear and see the workshop leaders.

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This PREP workshop is made possible by the NSF grant DUE: 0089005