PREP - Professional Enhancement Programs of the MAA

Abstract Algebra with GAP

A PREP Workshop

Workshop Abstract

The objective of this workshop will be to provide the participants with the resources, teaching materials and knowledge for teaching a semester long course in abstract algebra which uses GAP exercises and projects as part of the classroom dynamics. The workshop will be a distance learning course. The class will meet online for three hours each day, broken into two equal sessions, from July 14 to 18, 2003. Prior to attending the workshop, the participants will be expected to complete a short tutorial (provided by the presenters) on the installation and basics of the software GAP. No prior knowledge of GAP will be assumed. During the workshop, specific computer projects that incorporate the software GAP into an abstract algebra class will be examined and discussed.  Participants will work through these computer project examples and discuss how they can be useful in helping students comprehend basic abstract algebra concepts. In the academic year following the workshop, participants will be expected to experiment with using GAP or other software in their abstract algebra courses.  An electronic network will be set up for the participants that will provide a discussion forum on using software in abstract algebra.

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This PREP workshop is made possible by the NSF grant DUE: 0089005