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AIM log - Wednesday July 16, 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Donna Nonnenkamp: audio for quicktime is rtsp:// and for video is rtsp://
Juli Rainbolt: are you there tracy?
Tracy Hamilton: you invited me twice -- i declined one of them
Dominic Soda: Is qt up?
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Math and Computer Science: yes
Meral Arnavut: Hi again to everybody!
Donna Nonnenkamp: hi
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Dominic Soda: no audio here?
Ken Yanosko has declined the invitation to this chat.
Donna Nonnenkamp: still no audio
drvazz: audio ok here
Robert Talbert: I've got audio
Donna Nonnenkamp: dominic-audio?
Dominic Soda: not yet
Tong Wu: audio ok here
Meral Arnavut: No audio!
Donna Nonnenkamp: Dominic - you may want to quit quicktime and reopen and open the audio link first in file open url in new player .. then open the video link
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Dominic Soda: still no audio i'm going to reboot see you soon
Math and Computer Science: hi all
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Donna Nonnenkamp: remember to type in the numbers not click on the link
Meral Arnavut: Audio ok!
Donna Nonnenkamp: audio for quicktime is rtsp:// and for video is rtsp://
Carter Lyons: 8.3 Sigma(k_i-1) +1 where K_1 is the power of the ith prime in the facorization of n. 8.4 Phi(n)
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Robert Talbert: Technical question -- is there a way to clear the values of the variables you've defined in GAP without quitting and restarting?
Donna Nonnenkamp: audio for quicktime is rtsp:// and for video is rtsp://
sklarjk went offline before accepting your invitation.
Robert Talbert: Yes -- say you've been working on a problem and defined a bunch of variables, now you want to clear the memory out to avoid accidentally using a previously-defined variable you'[ve forgotten about
Dominic Soda: audio back
Donna Nonnenkamp: Good Dominic
brooksbankpa: Add(list,x) works
Ken Yanosko: maybe Append(j,[2]);
brooksbankpa: also Concatenate( list1 , list2 ) is useful
Robert Talbert: That wasn't exactly what I was looking for... We don't need to go into it right now though, just curious and I can poke around more in the help files.
Carter Lyons: summation
drvazz: Nilpotents: product $p_i^(n_i-1)$ for all i?
Tracy Hamilton: product p_i^(k_i -1)
janetlbeery: p1^r1-1*p2^r2-1*etc using previous notation and phi(n) (what drvazz and Tracy said)
Tracy Hamilton: where n = product p_i^k_i
Donna Nonnenkamp: can you read the board ok?
sklarjk went offline before accepting your invitation.
brooksbankpa: I guess the difficulty is getting the domain and range correct?
Dominic Soda: isn't z->z^5 the identity map here
brooksbankpa: I think I have a solution to the Z_m --> Z_n problem.
brooksbankpa: try h:=function( x ) return( k*Int(x) mod n ); end;
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sklarjk: Hi!
Donna Nonnenkamp: Hi Jessica
brooksbankpa: then f:=MappingByFunction(Z_m,Z_n,h) should work.
brooksbankpa: need to specify k
brooksbankpa: and n
Carter Lyons: It has to be idempotent in both rings
Dominic Soda: The image must be an idempotent in the ring Z25
brooksbankpa: no
Donna Nonnenkamp: Section 10 coming up
brooksbankpa: Oh dear...the mod n piece returns an integer..should be able to fix it soon!
brooksbankpa: OK, here's a fix: define f:=function(x) return( ZmodnZObj(0*Int(x),25) ); end;
Jim Woeppel: For problem try 9.5, h2:=x->0*(ZmodnZObj(Int(x),25));
Math and Computer Science: ok, that's like what jim proposed
brooksbankpa: yes - that defines the zero homomorphism.
Dominic Soda: does obj have to be a list?
Donna Nonnenkamp: Changing tapes
Donna Nonnenkamp: new tape has been installed
Jim Woeppel: You did not need to define the polynomial rings?
Janet McShane: Juli - you mentioned that you have the students submit their Gap log --- do they do that electronically?
Robert Talbert: This is a bit of a side issue, but I tried some of the factoring using polynomials over the Gaussian Integers (setting R := GaussianIntegers) but it doesn't seem to be doing it right. For example it said z^2 + 1 was irreducible
Robert Talbert: although over Z[i], z^2+1 = (z-i)(z+i).
Robert Talbert: Yes, I did define z := X(R, "z") with R := GaussianIntegers.
Dominic Soda: can GAP factor any poly over the Rationals?
Dominic Soda: Thanks I'll go look too.
brooksbankpa: I suspect that GAP has problems factoring over this ring.
Tong Wu: thanks
brooksbankpa: does anyone know of an algorithm for factoring over the Gaussian Integers?
Robert Talbert: I've seen that as a homework exercise in a textbook before 
Dominic Soda: Perhaps the ring should beQ[i] rather than Z[i] for the factoring to work.
brooksbankpa: yes maybe that would work -- I'll try it.

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